Treasure Chest

So kids being kids and showing the basic human trait, i.e. ‘resistance to change’, don’t want to leave their best home, best garden, best school, best friends, best teacher, best everything they have right now. They just don’t want to go to the new place , better home, better garden, better school, better everything.

Between Mrs PHB and myself, we decided to take them to Crawley/Pound Hill every weekend to a new fun place. Them being crazy about soft play areas, we decided to take them to Treasure Chest.

The first thing we noted as we reached there was the car park, obviously 🙂 all the places were occupied but it just took 30 seconds to get a space. Prices for kids and us were very reasonable. Size is decent enough. We have been to places much smaller and more dearer. Staff was friendly, toilets were clean, it was comfortably busy, what more can you expect!

Kids had a lovely time, the new house is just 6 minutes away so kids are super excited. Bribery works be it FIFA or getting kids change their minds 😉

Next week we are planning to take them to Tillgate Park. Any suggestions are most welcome!

Hello Pound Hill!!!

In order to save my fingers from typing too much, I will call Pound Hill Blog as PHB from now on 🙂

When we (Mrs PHB , Miss Elder PHB, 7 years old and Miss Little PHB, 3 years and myself Mr PHB) were thinking of moving out of Worcester Park, a suburban town in southwest London, we didn’t know where to go. We are living in Surrey for last 18 years. I spent most of my bachelor days in Kingston and when we were expecting our first daughter, we moved to Worcester Park. The current house in Worcester Park is a small size 3 bedroom mid-terraced house. Anything bigger, detatched or semi, would cost us in the region of half a million. That would mean a fatter mortgage and more sacrifices.

Living in Worcester Park had its perks; 22 minutes train to London Waterloo, Richmond Park and Thames around the corner. Hampton Court Palace and it majestic formal gardens to go to on a lazy Sunday afternoon, shopping in Kingston was always fun, etc etc. The cons of living here were traffic, more traffic and more traffic. A mile of drive out from Worcester Park in the morning can take you anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. Most of the time it was an hour. It used to take me 40 minutes to do first 1 mile and another 40 minutes for 41 miles to Baskingstoke from Worcester Park. So you get the picture 🙂

Our expectations for a new location were very basic: more space for kids and us, cleaner, greener, less congested, still commutable from London, closer to an airport as I sometimes work in EU for 3-4 months, good schools, closer to beach/woods, a socially active community, etc. Not too much to ask for now is it?

We shortlisted a wide range of areas to move to from Solihull to Sutton Coldfield to Swindon to Redhill to Reigate. Then one fine day I discussed about it to a colleage of mine at work and he suggested we should look towards Crawley. So it all began, shortlisting, web searches for the location, etc. One thing that I really needed was a local blog that tells me about issues, best bits, local events, history, social interaction among residents. I decided that if I move here, I will definitely create one to start with 🙂

We have finalised our house in Pound Hill. The move will happen end of July *fingers crossed*

We are really really looking forward to a new start and to be in our new house.